For the Rest of This Life​.​.​.

by These City Limits

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The title "For the Rest of this Life..." was derived from the lyrical content of this record. There is definitely an overall theme of reflection and resolution. The writing of this record just happened to coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar. There is a very metaphorical comparison to the struggles that we as people deal with day to day, and the end of the world.
In a sense, the world as we know it constantly comes to an end and starts over again. And after we reflect on any of our struggles, we must find a way to resolve them and move forward.
Hence, "For the Rest of this Life..."


released June 7, 2013

All songs written, performed, and produced by These City Limits. All tracks recorded by Randy Vanderbilt in Indianapolis, IN. Mixed and mastered by Andreas Magnusson at Planet Red in Richmond, VA.



all rights reserved


These City Limits Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Chase the Reaper
Make it or break it; the anthem everybody knows too well.
They’re looking to upsell their souls and go to hell.
Roll with the “in” crowd. Go burn the midnight oil you socialite.
I’m following footsteps to find out how to do it right.
Cause it hurts to be the one to lose when you don’t have a thing to lose.
Take me to Hollywood, tap my veins, and bleed me dry.
Lead the way to paradise, stabbing backs just to get by.
I’ll be fired up and drained. I won’t even know my name.
Take me to Hollywood, where old dreams come true and die, like they should.
You better watch it! Your mind is racing faster than your heart.
The weather can fix this; it’s snowing, take a part,
before the arrival of epileptic shock from flashing lights.
I’m following footsteps to find out how to do it right.
So here’s to Hollywood…we’ll die in Hollywood…
I always knew I could (this place is strange and magical).
Track Name: The Blind Will Move Along
Watch the faithful gathering, lending hands to those who bleed.
As I’m soaking it in, erosion shall begin.
Watch the hero save the day. We’ll rejoice until we lay down,
and then we will wake in tomorrow’s disarray.
Get up and stand in line like the Catcher in the Rye.
Let’s take it down and live with our filth; created by man, survived by will.
Can’t we move ahead? We’re starting to crash. A dictated bliss can never last.
The blind will move along.
Watch two lovers join as one. Mending souls, it’s just begun.
Alas, joy is restored until they start to bore.
The blind will move along toward the sun, only to see blackened dreams.
And the cost of this trip is eating at me, and my sanity.
Track Name: A One Night Stand-Down
(I’m) falling apart to keep myself in line. The clock ticks on as I’m just losing time.
I’ll throw in the towel to keep me satisfied.
We’ll take our halves and we’ll force them to comply; if only for just one night.
Cause I am barely breathing. The animals are in control.
I’ve arrived at this tree bearing fruit and I’m starving for food,
but we’ll all regret the consequence.
(I’m) slipping away in comfort and routine. So where is the dirt? I’m feeling way to clean.
Well I’ve been okay with living in my dreams
cause when I wake I’ve got everything I need; if only for just one night.
So let’s celebrate before I deflate, and burn the evidence.
We’ll enjoy the wake with a cheap embrace,
(and) then fall in denial. And we can’t take it back.
Track Name: These Days (The Aftermath)
Breathe, we will be safer here. All the fires are out and the area’s clear.
Take a moment to reflect on the morning’s light when the table was set.
Now it’s gone.
These days, the shadows belong to the dead. These days, we’re reaping the trash that we read.
These days, the martyrs are made as we shed our ways.
Chose with what you wish to fight, for the scavengers roam through the town every night.
Where have the children gone? They’ve been forced into arms and deprived of their songs.
It’s a shame.
There’s a line between delusions and fate, but it’s dissipating day by day.
When you wake, stand down and take it slow cause our lives are just a picture show
and we can’t rest until we die.
Track Name: Idle Action
Talk amongst yourselves and get it straight cause the paper trail is lost.
You’re in the clear and I’m the bait, too ashamed to pay the cost
of the sick and of the dead. I guess I’m no worse than you,
by closing eyes and turning heads. But what the hell was I to do?
Split yourself in two then pick a side so the grey skies disappear.
The black and white’s been in disguise; it’s confirming all your fears.
Place the guilt right up your sleeve like a trick that stuck with me.
Then play your cards if you believe in your so called “honesty.”
I’ve been on a guilt trip so long. Lost in the silence and carried along.
You got me in the business. We’re through! Now I’m coming clean and telling the truth
to all I’ve hurt by lying down while you’ve been spreading your lies and destroying the town.
And I will stand up, repent. It’s time to expose you.
So long overdue that now I’m spent.
If you held the files on Watergate, would you ask me for a match
or call the press to set it straight? Have you learned to self-detach
and ignore the characters; good and evil by each ear?
It takes its toll on every nerve till you set your conscience clear.
And you’re never going to fight this feeling. You were buried when you let the ceiling fall again while sitting on the sidelines. You did nothing at all!
Track Name: Pay the Piper
You’re just a fixture on a fallen wall and it’s my house that needs rebuilt.
As it goes my way, you’ve got perspective now. And on your own, you’re standing still.
Watch me, I am not a patsy. You can take a back seat. It’s my show!
Pay the piper well, everybody. Live in your own hell…is it burning?
It took so long; karma finally arrived before I fell. And I got it.
You think you’re sitting on a mine of gold. Don’t quit your day job. It’s a dream.
Cause it’s mine to take. I could have shared the wealth, but sweet revenge has taken me.
Embrace yourself for a life reflecting on time gone by.
Regrets are gone in my eyes, I’ve said my peace, (and) it’s alright.
Besides we’re getting too old, you can’t come in from the cold.
I should just give you my hand but I just don’t give a damn.
Can I forgive and forget? Your roll in my life is set.
Besides we’re getting too old, you can’t come in from the cold.
Can I forgive and forget?
Track Name: The Radical
Share your hypothesis. Show me the evidence, and I’ll consider it on a blue moon.
Rape me of innocence so I can shed a tear while feeding off the nonsense from your spoon.
I’m not a radical. I’m living in a box of dirt, so pardon my content
‘cause I’m irrational from watching everybody hurt.
It’s easy to pretend.
Life is a mystery, even before adding all the black and white into the fold.
Sound alarms so we can fall asleep, and take a stand in back seats.
Come join me in the fight for indifference, fight to be naive.
The less we know, the less we’re looking down.
And what’s a point of view that’s in the ground?
Track Name: A World Apart
(I’m) pulling my hair and wondering how you seduced my spine.
As I’m drowning, you throw me a rope to grab with my neck.
I smell your scent and it’s burning my eyes.
Like a moth to a flame, all the pain’s making me fly.
Guide me to a world apart. Leave me stranded in the dark.
I’ll forgive you every time. Break your promises and I’ll keep mine.
My hands are red from your tight metal grip.
I’m ashamed that I love how your touch makes me so sick.
The bitterness is forcing the distance that’s in between you and me today. I’m out!
So stay away! I’ll keep my flesh intact. You wore me out and I don’t want to play.
Track Name: Two Sides of Recovery
I’m here again; this temptress had a hold of me. She’s a match and I’ve been drinking gasoline
to fuel the fire, indulging my desires.
As seasons come and seasons go, I’m indisposed, giving up and giving in to every woe.
It’s time to take the blinders from my eyes ‘cause I’m feeling alive!
Slap my hand, I must resist. Thirty years I must dismiss.
Change is in store, this long tunnel is no more. So give me some stereo.
My head is clear now that you have disappeared. The door has closed.
I’m ready, come on!
I’m over days and over nights in your embrace, choking on your stench but breathing anyway.
I love the misery you’ve given me.
Rest assured and rest alone, I’m better now. Moving forward; moving backwards not allowed.
The colors seem to be a bit more bright ‘cause I’m feeling alive!
It’s my choice, I made the call. You’re not such a know it all.
Out of sight and out of my mind. I’ll cross the finish line and prevail big this time. Down with the wicked divine! The insurance goes down when the glory is mine. I’ll be looking straight up just to leave her behind. With my status going up, I am doing fine.
The glory is mine!
Track Name: December's Lament
Children…go rest in peace. We pray for the families.
Hard times, oh how they come and go.
Why now? We’ll never know.
Embrace who you have to lose before time comes to let them loose.
Their marks were so heavenly. The bittersweet memories,
we love you.
Track Name: Recall the Alarm
Pack some supplies; don’t forget all your guns.
As planets align, you’ll be on the run.
And it hurts to protest when the rest of this life will be under red, faded skies.
So get out and go join the wicked men. And let’s declare all logic dead.
When you’re ready to hear the truth:
Heavy hearts will carry on when the darkest days are gone.
Don’t panic! Recall the alarm.
Blow through the trees; we are dust in the wind.
As time wears us down, we all turn to glass
with an edge that’s so sharp and a numbness inside. The weak, they can no longer hide.
So get out and go wade the rushing tide. The institution’s on your side.
When you’re ready to hear the truth.
The end is gone! The time is ours! Recall the Alarm.
False sense of emergency created the urgency to bury ourselves alive.
But the world didn’t end tonight.
We owe it to those who died, to bring out the peace inside and rise up above the damned. And then we can understand.