by These City Limits

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Friends new and old, Welcome to our B-sides EP. These tracks were written between 'The Modern Standard' EP and the 'For the Rest of This Life...' LP.



released April 1, 2013

All songs written, performed, and produced by These City Limits. All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Randy Vanderbilt in Indianapolis, IN.



all rights reserved


These City Limits Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Generation Ex
Generation Ex:
I’ve been following the stars, shedding light and hope, on who we are. The rest is out of hand.
It’s beginning to get dim. I’m getting too old and I’m staggering while doing all I can.
Come save me and take me home. Tie me up, tie me down, wear me in, and wear me out. I’ve lost it, the
World has grown. Lesson learned, you will burn when this fate is at your turn.
In my youth I was a king, delegating every part of me to maintain control.
All ambition has an end when you realize the rules can bend against you and your goals.
Well if you value your life, get out while you can and make room for the better man.
All the wisdom that you have gained with a price, wars aren’t won with cheap advice.
I’m coming down to pass the torch, give you the book so you can give us more.
I’m coming down. I’ve said my all. The youth shall rule because they’re invincible.
Good luck from here, I won’t weigh you down.
Track Name: Wildcard
Kill the lights, the paranoia’s setting in. He’s circling the neighborhood in sin.
Find a place to hide and keep your secrets safe. Expose yourself only to start the chase.
I’m getting by alone.
My impressions of the vast unknown have got me breaking mirrors.
Thoughts of greed and empathy assume control. I’m torn apart in pieces, new and old.
When the cloud of indecision hits the ground, the fog disguises everyone around.
I’m getting by alone. My impressions of the vast unknown; it makes me feel so alive and dead.
You got me jumping on my deathbed.
Run away as fast as I can.
Pick somebody else instead, because I am already who I am.
You got me jumping on my deathbed.
Track Name: There's a Monster Under the Bed
There's a Monster Under the Bed:
The wretched air I’m breathing is working like a charm, fixing all my company.
I got to fight this feeling; the water’s getting deep as they try to grab a hold of me.
Get out, I’m kicking and screaming. Tonight, the demons are feeding. The sound of nothing but my pulse is clear.
Get out. The ground is unstable. Tonight, I’m feeling unable to be the master of my childish fears.
I am the voice of reason beckoning you ear; let me show you out the door.
The mannequins are laughing, throwing all their pills at me as I beg for more.
I got to lose the sense of urgency because I am running from a ghost and I am losing myself. This nightmare will subside.
Track Name: Kill the Messenger
Kill the Messenger:
Give me some piece of mind so I can shake it up.
I’ll take some extra time, only to generate the rust.
So let’s cuff our wrists, toss the key, and believe in molded dreams and destiny.
I am a hollow shell ready to soak it up. We’re talking media, we’re talking tradition and done.
So let’s stir the pot, keep it hot, and feed the souls of new impressionists to grow old.
We’ve been ready to rise, ready to rot like the walking dead.
We’ve been ready to stop, ready to go on command.
Living by the words laid down before our lives even began.
Can’t we let a new chapter unfold? I’ll be the pen, you be the hand.
Write the end.
Give me a pot of gold so I can melt it down.
We’ll put it in a glass and you can tell me what comes out.
Because my head is full, material possessions are invaluable without choice.
Kill the messenger for trying to play God. Break the barriers using the voice you’ve got.